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A recent newspaper picture of Simon Cowell, stripped to his high-waist jeans, perambulating along in under the California sun, almost made me gag. Working out is no guarantee that you’re going to look better and Simon and his man-boobs doesn’t … Continue reading

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John Fleming – Jerry Buttimer

THE ghost of Oliver J. Flanagan was surely in the ether, as deputy Seán Fleming of Fianna Fáil was reprimanded by Fine Gael deputy Jerry Buttimer for including the word ‘orgy’ in a jibe he made about the Government’s three-day … Continue reading

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Khan Do….

“Who can’t stop drinking may get drunken three times a month. If he does it more often, he is guilty. To get drunken twice a month is better; once, still more praiseworthy. But not to drink at all – what … Continue reading

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In a country, where, once, eight pints and a bun burger constituted foreplay, I was fascinated to read, in this very newspaper, that when it comes to burning calories and losing weight, in activity terms, foreplay is the equivalent of … Continue reading

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Two of the great pillars of folk music of the last century, were remembered this week for the integrity and steadfastness of their politics and  for their ability to inhabit a song in a very special way, a gift that is … Continue reading

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Biter: The GAA’s new Black Card is mighty welcome……

The introduction of the card is an attempt to take the cynicism out of hurling and football and the it will be shown for deliberate fouls, tripping an opponent , body checking a player after the ball has been played, … Continue reading

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As Hogan cracks his eggs we find he’s no Fanny Cradock…#Irishwater

Oh no! Not another celebrity cookery show. Hulk Hogan’s Omelettes De jour will see Phil joining Nigella, Nevin, Dylan, Marco Pierre and all the other kitchen icons, in the frontline of the food business. But for the show to be a … Continue reading

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