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The scientists in charge of the Hadron-Collider experiment, which spent millions of dollars in the hunt for an atomic particle called the Higgs Bosun, should have been present at the First Round World Cup match between Holland and World Champions. Spain. They would have loved it. Robin Van Persie , the Dutch (and Manchester United) striker, was outstanding.. Van Persie  took an inch-perfect pass from Daley Blind and  looped his header over the off-his-line goalkeeper. It was a Higgs-Bosun moment for football and on top of that, our new particle will have reverberations a-plenty for the rest of this tournament and the coming  months and years.


If by any chance there is a Green Room in Paradise, a place to eat prawn sandwiches after a match you can bet your life that Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci would have both been on their feet in tribute to Van Persie’s unique goal against Portugal.


The word “unique” is bandied about recklessly  by punters and pundits alike. So, lets be very clear, there’ no “very unique”or “absolutely unique”. There’s just “unique,” a stand alone word for a singular experience. Van Persies goal was unique.


I thought ,to myself, two great scholars would appreciate a look at the connections


Why did I choose the famous mathematician, Albert Einstein and a painter, engineer and inventor modern,  Leonardo DaVinci? What  has this to do with this unique goal celebration.

Van Percie’s goal obtrudes into both their .individual territories.


Professor Einstein, I’m sure, you would be keen to try write a formula fu Van Persie’s goal,  the wind speed, the strength of the weighted pa strength the angles, but most of all, the velocity.


Observing Van Persie’s goal required us to temporarily suspend what we believe about gravity and the laws that govern it. Remember, we were privy to a unique event,  in which us humans saw a break in the accepted laws of gravity. At one point, Van Persie was flying parallel to the ground and then from somewhere deep inside, he found a little bit extra to pull his nose up, literally and blasted the ball in a parabolic loop over the off-his-line goalkeeper and into the back of the net.


Leonardo Da Vinci, a bit of a lad it might be said, would have loved the aesthetics of Van Persie’s goal. To Leonardo it would have been a great bit of street theatre and a great work of  Performance Art, worthy of the Renaissance. He would probably have been chuffed and delighted to meet someone else with a natural talent for aerodynamics. One thing that can be taken as read, Leonardo would, at last, have that vital, physical evidence and concentrate without any mechanical aid, Robin Van Persie, flew through the air.  I can imagine Albert and all his bits of paper, covered in numbers, puzzles and tomes.piled up on the dining room table


In photos of Van Persie in the press he seemed, manage to have adapted the technical attitude of a fighter aircraft and the way Van Persi the way he used his arms was amazing, pulling them behind himself as he crashed, face first, into the goal.


He was up like a flash, before his team mates could catch him for another tiresome, mound of bodies celebrations he took off with a run to the Dutch dug-out and into the outstretched arms of  Louis Van Gaal, his international  and now his Manchester United manager. They will become the hottest personalities on the planet. The Alex Ferguson/Wayne Rooney story is finally dead. and Rooney will, for his sake, be freed from the constant intrusion, the constant harping and specially, carping over the publicity machine in general.


The twoVans, Van Gaal and Van Persie, will hopefully usher in a new era. The happy Dutch manager and his striker have known each other for a long time and if I was a betting man, I’d stake my dough on this is how story has gone down, so far. It’s a complete fantasy, but its my fantasy.

Van Persie was very unhappy at Old Trafford under David Moyes ,who was playing Van Persie one week and Wayne Rooney the next. So I think Robin told them unless they delivered Van Gaal as Manchester United’s new, he was off.

Elsewhere, the hunt for a new manager, became highly exciting when Van Gaal agreed to have talks about having talks. Negotiations grew tense and then Van Gaal dropped the bomb. Keep Van Persie at Manchester United or the whole deal is off

Van Persie hears the rumour that Louis Van Gaal is available and baldly states his case. I will stay, but only if Louis DeGaal becomes the new manager at Old Trafford!So that’s my little fantasy. Preposterous isn’t it.

Still, bits of it, have the ring of truth.  Ift will come to pass that Van Persie will be appointed captain and become Van Gaal’s “eyes and ears” in the dressingroom.Expect fireworks



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Shay Healy is a multi-media artist from Dublin Ireland, who has been in the music business all his life. His song “What’s Another Year”sung by Johnny Logan won the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest. He has written two musicals, The Knowledge and The Wiremen. As a television host, Shay is famous for a cult chat show, Nighthawks and on the other side of the camera, he has made over 12 documentary films, including “The Rocker-A Portrait of Phil Lynott” ,“First Lady”-A Portrait of Tammy Wynette ” and “Roy Rogers-King of The Cowboys. The Danny Boy Triangle (3 Books in 1) is now available to buy on Amazon
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