Hertz…Did you know that the radius of the Earth can shrink or expand by as much as 11 kilometres

bob geldolf ONE Joberg Daily Mail picDid you know that the radius of the Earth can shrink or expand by as much as 11 kilometres. I never knew that until I became exasperated by Sir Bob Nostradamus Geldof‘s global warming gloop, in an address to young people in Johannesburg. “We’ll be seen off by mass extinction event, probably self-inflicted” cried Bob….”we could have less than seventeen years to live, we may not get to 2030. The world can decide in a fit of madness to kill itself …sometimes progress may not be possible, we’re in a very fraught time.”

Sir Bob is a fossil fuel alarmist, so I started reading up on CO2, the so-called chief suspect greenhouse gas and before I knew where I was, I had started reading about the ionosphere, a bubble-like cavity, which lies 75-1000 km above the Earth.

The ionosphere surrounding our planet is electrically positive charged, while the Earth’s surface carries a negative charge. There is tension within the Earth-ionosphere cavity. This tension is discharged when thunderstorms develop in this cavity and at any given time, there are almost 2000 electrical storms occurring worldwide and lightning strikes happen at a rate of 100 strokes per second

As the Earth rotates on its axis, it functions as an electro magnet, generating electrical currents. Earth’s electromagnetic field is essential for life. The organization of all biological systems is established by complex electrodynamic fields. We are electromagnetic rather than chemical beings. If you’ve ever seen somebody die, you will never forget the moment when the electrical current stopped flowing and the body switched off like a light bulb.

The Alpha rhythms of the Earth’s surface oscillate at a frequency of 7. 5 Hz.  As lately as 1952, a German physicist, Professor W.O Schumann predicted that there were electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere within the cavity of the ionosphere, which also oscillate  at a frequency  7.5 Hertz.

I immediately liked the symmetry and as a bonus, scientists concluded that whenever you had an abundance of Alpha brain waves, you also found good health. Remarkably, even still, there are very few scientists aware of the importance of this 7. 5 Hz frequency as a sort of tuning fork for life, a very important electromagnetic wave, acting as a background frequency and influencing everything that is going on, electrically, inside the human brain.

Going from the height of the ionosphere to the depths of the Earth, I discovered there is a condition on our planet known as Geopathtic stress , which is what they call a distortion of our natural frequency, our old friend Alpha 7.5 Hz. The stress is caused by weak electrical fields passing through streams of water flowing underground, geological fault lines and mineral deposits. Man made obstacles on the Earth’s surface, including, quarries , mines, embankments, tall buildings foundations, tunnels, sewers and drains can cause further stress by straddling lines of a measurement grid, which is much like the meridians in our bodies. The point where two lines of distortion intersect is called a vortex and those who live above it can become very ill.

Distortion of the 7.5 Hz frequency can also weaken the immune system of any mammals living above the distortion and make them vulnerable to viruses, bacteria, parasites and environmental pollution.

bob geldof and branson at ONEWe all acknowledge that our weather is different today, but we are still flapping around in the dark by listening to The Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change, 95% of whose boffins, are arrogantly adamant that we are definitely responsible for global warming. We have been warned (yet, again) that we had better prepare ourselves for more extraordinary drought, heatwaves, floods and rising seas because global warming is caused by those stinky old greenhouses gases we emit.

So how much CO2 is in the atmosphere anyway? According to the  NASA website, 78% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, 21% is oxygen, and 1% is argon. Where did the CO2 go? Well, it’s between 100 and 700 parts per million or . 01 to . 07%..

Without CO2 all plants would die. During the daylight hours, plants use CO2 to make sugars and give off oxygen. We eat plants or feed them to animals that we eat. When our bodies use the food that we eat to make energy, CO2 is produced and we exhale it. This is again turned into plants with the sun’s help and around we go again. You get the picture.

Frankly, I don’t fully understand all this stuff about 7. 5 Hertz and until yesterday, Hertz was a car rental company to me. But I’d still love to present the white-coats with the dope on electricity. Switched on scientists say we must become more aware that global weather is a complex system, including air pressure and thermal systems, but also, wait for it – an electrical system!

If you want to know what’s watt boys, you’ll just have to stop fossilating and start oscillating. At 7.5 Hz of course.

Article Written by Shay Healy
First Published in The Irish Daily Mail,
Saturday 12th Oct 2013  
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